In alphabetical order

Lyrics by Chelsea Eiben

4 Seasons
All We Have Is Now
And Namaste
Be Revolutionary
Big Up Big Down
Bloody Heart
Catalogue Cutie
Cherry me Away
Chosen Ones
Elbows in Hand
Fall On Fire
Hipster Dumpster
Howling at La Luna
In Love You Are Real
Jargon Junkie
Keep You Privy
Little Chicken
Memory Flakes
Morning Stretch
Nautical Chariot
Reverse Osmosis
Sexual Fasting

4 Seasons

Winters speak of calming
Not much, but a soft touch
And I’m halting to your love

Summers speak of loving
Hot love is a short run
And I’m halting to your love

Springtime speaks
Of you and me
Got sprung on your
Sweet tongue

And I’m halting
To your love

And I’m halting
To your love
And I’m halting to your love

Falls speak of you
And leaves
Leaving without notice
And i’m still halting
Still halting
To your fucking love

Sweet love
Sweet lost love

And i’m halting to your love
And i’m halting to your love
And i’m halting to your love
Your fucking love.

4 Seasons

It’s friday
They Say
As if nothing
Else can be of mention
It’s friday
They say
I know what bloody day it is
And by the way,
It’s just like any other day

Damn Sheeple
Please wake up
Damn Sheeple
Please kill your clocks!

And Namaste

It’s been a rough week
No Food, no Laundry
Fucking City
Just my words & me
My words & me

It’s been a sung dream
No Fo, No Fury
Love my City

Just my words & me
My words & me

Don’t Stop Loving Me!
2015 has become a part of me
Press Start Inside of Me

I’m lime green
with envy
and apathy
and surprising empathy


Wide-Eyed with the Mind
So Alive
I’m Awakened by the
Sight of Radiated Skies,
Hired Guys with
Unseen Alibis,
But I’m Alive
And my Minds
Sharp as a Razor
On a Rugged Rocks
Sharp As a Laser
On your next
Voodoo Attack
When Lions Attack
I Thrive,
Cause I’m Wide-Eyed
With the Mind
So Alive.

Big Up Big Down

Bird Fallen from
A tree broken
Ribs broken Knee
You got a lotta
Good Living
Enough to Breath
But enough
Good loving
Ain’t gonna free
Ain’t gonna
Free you from
Society from
So cream
Your dreams onto me
Nice and sweet
Bleed those dreams
Onto me.

Bloody Heart

Your chest pushes against
the aura of the walls
and seals the deal
in every way, every second.
What’s your deal,
it’s just a kiss.
Sure, ruin this bloody Heart!

Catalogue Cutie

Head-turning symmetry
Got my mind spinning endlessly,
You’re a Snowflake
on the tip of
a unicorn’s horn,

Still in space,
you are masterful.
Dancing to your next
spotlighted calling,
Everyone is frozen
watching this
Catalogue cutie
Do what she
do to me

She struts down the street
In her daily real-life movie
She walks into her office
Purse on desk, cologne on lips

She has on a red dress
and legs that reminisce
of Mexico long ago
And that midnight beach stroll
Sand in your perfect toes

No Sears or Target
Can match your Donna Karen

Cherry Me Away

Fresh from the fallen tree
Pluck Me, and then devour me
I’m ripe for your tart mouth
I’m right for you right now

So chew me
Nice and evenly
So we can be
United eternally

You are my jugular injester

Lob me deep down
Your swallow tree

You are my
Muscular luster
Cherry me please


Chewin’ on Catnip
Sailin’ out to sea
Meow Meow
Someone come save me
Save me from championing….

Gnawing on that shit
That ya said ta me
Meow Meow
Someone come
Save me
Save me from

Pacific to Arctic
To anywere between
I’m the freest cat
Sailing the seas

Brewing in meow mix
Failing to not see
The How-How
To my Gone-Gone

I’m still championing
Rocky Waters
And feline prawlers

I’m not abandoning,
I’m championing

The sea…

Chosen Ones

Only the chosen ones
Get to have true love

I pricked my finger
While sowing in the window sill
I thought I loved you still
But you’re a prick that lingers
Like the pain in my finger

And only the chosen ones
Get to have true love

Basking in the sun
Watching loneliness
Subside and cars drive by
The motors of my heart
Have only begun to start

Elbows in Hand

In this morning grey fog
I’m moving along
Like I’m driving my legs
And my Head’s electric pulses
Steer my Direction
All is behind me
But I’m no linear
All is Ahead of me
But I’m no
Linear time-believer
Coming down from a long day
What is basically
A sun chase
And I’m swimming
In my mind

Elbows in Hard
All is fine.
Just fine.


You were just having fun
You were just experimentin’
Never seen another lover.
Look better in my sweater

We met at a bike event
East bay riding, Finding
You’re the next best thing
To sex
The next best thing
To dyin’

I was a dragon
In a far away kingdom
A kingdom of one
Is such a magnificent

Fall On Fire

They Walked up that familiar hill
As the relentless sun
Fired upon them
Her birthday a few days away
Age is only a number they say

Drinking from the Orbit Room
Concoctions of songs new
Onto the next deliverance
From the heres to the theres
Pumpkins suddenly everywhere

Fall is here
And Fall is on fire
Fall is on fire

I’m charging this battery
While he is lighting his lantern
And I am dealing with my artillery
While he is brightening his words
The temperatures are mad
Mad as hell!
And they’re calling
Calling for people
To stop falling

Fall is on fire
Fall is on fire
Fall is here
And Fall is on fire

Fall is on fire
Fall is on fire
Fall is on fire

Hipster Dumpster

So you have your glasses on
And you think you and do no wrong
But I’ve seen your back
And you have a price tag

Your maxi pad
Is your phone
And you can’t be alone
And you live
Like a jester
Thrown to a pack of wolves

Your stockholm syndrome
Is your anecdote to this dumpster
To this dumpster you call home

Hipster Dumpster

Howling at La Luna

Howling And Growling
Scratch just barely
At the Surface.
Howlin and growlin’
My claws inch deep in your skin
Clawing to your heart
And that deep spot
But you clench me off
Oh how you clench me off
I’m an explorer
And a warrior
And a wolf
Looking for your Surrender
Howling til you Gallop to me
Howling till you Gallop to me
Dance to me
Dance with me
Under the Moon
Neath the Sky
You’re my lady tonight
Howling, we’re howling

In Love You Are Real
So pure
So true
So Real
Me and you

So grave I have been
Since you left
All is left in me
And you see
In love, you are real

So new
So few around
Me and you
Me and you

And you see in love
You are real
You are Real

So pure
So true
So real
Me and You.

Jargon Junkie

Talkie Talkie
I watch you
Barely walkie
I think you
Might be falling
By how you

Topsie Turvy
Oh How you
Lost your calling
Dance the
Jargon Junkie
Dance, Little Monkey

Who wound yer
Who found yer
Creative paradigm
Thrill-less lover
Trite nursery rhyme.

Hottie Hottie
I spy you
Le Creme de Creme
I love you
A friend of friend
No Jargon Junkie


Flowing through the
Folds of the Galaxy
Many conflicting
Many misleading
Don’t make judgements
Of your conclusions
Don’t be a judge
You’ll end up in ruin.

Keep You Privy

Keep you privy,
Until the time is right.
Keep you up-swinging,
Until the time is nice.
Keep you in my head space,
Since it’s safer there
Than the places you fair.
Keep your masters at bay,
They’ve relinquished their stay.
Keep your mind in my hands,
it’s a delinquent gone bad.
Keep your heart in that cave,
I don’t want the blood to stain.

So I’ll…
Keep you in my head space
Cause it’s safer there than
The places you fair.

Memory Flakes

Recall having something electric
Once before
As time synthesizes, question if
Love is more

Love is more than time
And space
Love is not man-made

We are all Memory Flakes
Dandruff on God’s Head
Dancing in the BIG bed

Recall having read something intense
Once before
As time synthesizes, question if
Truth is more

I remember you
Your eyes holding truth
Almost too hard to look into.
As I felt my faults like salts
To an open wound
I still knew I love you.

We are all Memory Flakes
Dandruff on God’s Head
Dancing in the BIG bed

Nautical Chariot

Wind Blows 45 Degrees
Its a nice day
To be out to sea
Don’t Forget to keep
My anchor handy
In case I get randy
I’m sand on
These sandy shows
And candy on these sugary floors
Oh come swim
And breeze away
In the chariot
Of Nautical
Shimmer and shake!

Sexual Fasting

Tensing, long-lasting
I’m only asking
To keep this
Sexual Fasting

I’m Thirsty but I’m
Not Drinkin, This
Horse needs to
Retrieve his Thinkin
Sexual Fasting

Some Say…
Sexual Hasting
Is only a lay away

But each Day
Comes a new
Tempting Display

So I’m still Thirsty
Tensing and
My way to the Great Escape
Sexual Fasting


I am free-falling through
an unknown place
I search for the truth
But there appears to be no trace

All familiarity is lost
And functional peace is found
A small fee was all it cost
To live in a world where life is sound

I am no longer a portion
But a whole
Im life’s little abortion
That exists as a soul.


Tailspins and fishtails
Tell tales of me
Moving up down side ways
Time doesn’t stop
Long enough for me to gaze
So stirred, so stirred
I feel like I’m caught in the wind of a runaway
Caught on the wings of yesterday
Because I haven’t endured long enough to crawl
I leap, I leap into your invisible arms


Dear children of the Present
Wearing your helmets
I have to warn you fast
Your future is en-wrapped
In brave new world tech trash

You won’t need your moralities
The system will dictate your
Sound-bitten psychologies

Dear folk of the present
The truth is prevalent
Right now habits are set
On auto-pilot
Predictive Programming
Movies, TV, what we see
Transpired in reality
Do we see what we think we see?!

Dear technocrats of tomorrow
You may have become hollow
Shallow bone marrow, tip-toe
So no-one notices you follow
The sequence of sorrow
Perhaps some day
You’ll harbour a soul
Of goodness
That is non-techno.

No IBM of 1947
Or apples non-edible
Can conclude the reason
That smartness is non-living.


When you fall
Into that blue
I remember
I love you
Baby Blue
Say Yes
When you have
A Question to Answer to
Baby Blue
Say Yes
Because I have to
Love you
I’m into you Baby Blue
The Sea has